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Is There “Perfect" Plumbing?”

The perfect plumbing system, on the surface, is easy to spot. Toilets flush properly, sinks drain quickly, faucets don’t leak, and your water pressure is under control. However, you also have to consider what is below the surface. Pipes run in your walls, under your floors, and through your yard. Left unmaintained, any of these areas could cause problems in big ways.

We’re going to take a look at a few things to keep an eye out for and what can be done to help prevent plumbing problems. Keep reading for these tips and insights!

When Was Your Last Drain Cleaning?

“cleandrainsf”Drain cleanings are essential to making sure your plumbing works properly and to prevent larger problems down the road. If you’re thinking that you can easily solve clogged drains with a store-bought cleaner, think again!

Store-bought cleaners are harsh chemicals that eat away at your pipes without getting rid of the problem completely. After one use, you may see improvement, but after a week or two, you’ll begin noticing that the water isn’t draining again. Not only can this cause additional clogs but it can also start to limit the amount of water pressure going to the fixtures throughout your home.

Instead, use a professional plumber and get all the benefits of experienced work like:

  • Professional grade drain cleaning methods
  • Long-lasting solutions
  • Thorough drain cleaning
  • Guaranteed work

If you’d also like to be proactive about protecting your drains from blockages, consider installing hair catchers in every drain. This helps to curb the most common cause for blocked drains in bathrooms and tubs. Also, be sure to avoid pouring grease down your drains as this is a large source of buildup.

Choosing Your Local Plumber

When you start looking for a reliable Fairhope plumber, you may be overwhelmed by the choices. If you keep a few things in mind, however, you can make the process easy. Choose a plumber that:


  • Adheres to Local Codes: There’s a reason that codes are in place to manage the way your plumbing system works. For example, a pipe leading away from a shower should be positioned at a certain angle

    If this angle is off it might hinder your drain’s speed or cause other, bigger problems. An experienced plumber can make it happen.

  • Guaranteed Work: You always want a plumbing company that’s going to stand behind their work. Any home service should be backed by a warranty to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Emergency Availability: Plumbing repairs always seem to crop up when we least expect them. That’s why having an emergency plumber you can trust can mitigate the risk of home damage.
  • Affordable Pricing: A plumbing service shouldn't eat up your entire emergency fund. Look for plumbing companies that work within your budget and keep costs down on all services.

At Affordable Plumbing, Sewer & Drain we keep your plumbing system in perfect working order. From solving minor plumbing issues like clogs, to helping you with major projects like water heater installations, our staff is the best in the business.