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Common Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

It might be difficult to tell when your furnace is in need of repair, especially when you’re only using it during the colder months. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Weird Smell: The first time you turn on your furnace for the year, you may notice a strange smell. However, if you notice that smell lingering long after your first use, you may have a furnace problem.
  • Pilot Light Is Yellow: A healthy pilot light will always burn blue. If you notice that your pilot light is yellow, this can be a dangerous sign of the presence of carbon monoxide. Call us immediately!
  • Strange Noises: If you are noticing banging, screeching, or other persistent noises from your furnace, call us for an inspection.
  • You’re Still Cold: If your furnace isn’t heating up and keeping you comfortable, this is a sure sign that your furnace may be in need of a repair.

Is your furnace making a strange noise? It could be a sign of trouble. Call us now for furnace repairs.

Does My Heating System Need to Be Replaced?

Did you call a heating contractor only to be advised to conduct an expensive replacement of your home’s heating system? If you’re looking for a second opinion, call the furnace service company you can trust. Our technicians will always go out to your home to conduct an inspection before suggesting any major repairs or replacements.

There are many things to consider before replacing your heating system. If your broken heating system presents a danger to your home or family such as gas leaks, replacement should be a no-brainer. The lifespan of your system is also important to consider. Furnaces can last on average, 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. Efficiency is also an important consideration as a modern furnace may do a better job of keeping you warm while keeping utility costs low.

Why Choose Us?

We know that when you’re choosing a furnace contractor, you have a variety of choices to choose from. Making a decision on the best company for you can be overwhelming and stressful. Let us take the guesswork out of finding the right heating services company for you. We offer fast turnaround times, upfront pricing, and no overtime charges because we understand how important your time and money is. Our technicians are licensed and mess free. We are confident that you will love our exceptional customer service which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If your homes AC isn't running like it use too, call us today for professional AC solutions!

The team at Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air in Spanish Fort, AL are experienced in a variety of heating and furnace services. From repairs to installation and maintenance, we handle it all! There is no job too big or small for our expert technicians. If you’re ready for exceptional customer service and heating services, call us today to schedule your appointment at 251-990-5248.