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Within seconds after a pipe bursts in your home, you could experience extensive water damage and flooding. Getting fast, immediate help in these situations is vital to preventing damage and reducing the cost of the repair. At Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air, we provide prompt 24-hour service for homeowners throughout Spanish Fort, Fairhope, and surrounding areas.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

Many things can contribute to a burst pipe emergency. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Freezing: Winter in Alabama can get unexpectedly cold. If your pipes are not properly insulated, a cold snap may cause the water inside the pipes to freeze, expand and eventually cause a rupture.
  • Chemical drain cleaners: Using chemical drain cleaners on a regular basis will weaken your pipes and create spots that become thin and worn out. In time, these thin spots will eventually burst.
  • Clogs: Leaving a clogged toilet, pipe or drain unchecked will build up incredible amounts of pressure in the pipes, eventually causing them to burst.

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How to Handle a Burst Pipe

If a pipe bursts in your home, here are the steps you should take to reduce the damage and get a fast repair:

  • First of all, don’t panic. When a pipe bursts, simply turn off the main water valve to your home to prevent water damage.
  • Call the experts at Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air for fast 24-hour service.
  • When we arrive at your home, we will assess the pipes and inspect the location where the rupture occurred. We will then recommend either repairing the pipe or replacing it completely if it is damaged extensively.

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The Best Way to Prevent Burst Pipes

Follow these tips to prevent burst pipe emergencies in your home:

  • Install simple pipe insulation on the pipes.
  • Seal any cracks that may let cold air inside. Even a crack that is less than an inch wide could cause the pipes to freeze.
  • Stop using chemical drain cleaners. They will weaken your pipes and cause them to burst over time.
  • Repair clogged toilets right away.

Let’s Work Together

Our team of certified technicians has provided expert services for homeowners in the area since 1996. We also include these unique features that set us further apart from the competition:

  • No overtime charges
  • Always show up on time
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Certified technicians to explain service options

Get immediate help with burst pipe repairs when you call (251) 990-5248. Homeowners in Spanish Fort, AL always expect the best from us; that means providing fast, consistent and reliable burst pipe repairs.