Expert Sewer Grinder Pump Repair & Replacement in Spanish Fort

Take care of wastewater from your plumbing appliances with the help of a grinder pump. For professional grinder pump repair and installation services, call Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air at (251) 990-5248 for a quote.

Sewer Grinder Pump Repair & Replacement services

Many homeowners in Spanish Fort, AL rely on a sewer grinder pump for their wastewater. These units are helpful and efficient when they are working properly. For expert grinder pump repair and installation services, trust the professionals at Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and can easily provide unique and comprehensive grinder pump solutions.

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How do They Work?

It’s a common misconception that grinder pumps and sump pumps are the same things. They are actually quite different. A grinder pump collects wastewater from various appliances in your home. Water from your drains, dishwasher, washing machine and bathtub all drain into the grinder tank which is usually buried underground. When the tank reaches a preset level, it will turn on and grind the waste in the water so that it can be returned to the homeowner’s septic tank or public sewer line.

What are the Benefits?

These units work similarly to a garbage disposal, except on a much larger scale. Think of it as a garbage disposal for your entire home. These systems work by taking larger materials that may come through your wastewater and grind them down to make it easier for processing.

Common Grinder Pump Problems

There are three issues that commonly impact these devices. They include:

  • Blockages: Large debris can become stuck in the grinder much like large debris gets stuck in a garbage disposal. This creates a blockage that needs to be removed manually.
  • Clotting: This is a term that describes the damage done by smaller bits of debris. While the small debris doesn’t create the same type of blockage, it does, however, cause a gradual buildup of silt and other material. That will cause the grinder to work less efficiently.
  • Grease Clogging: When oil enters the drain system, deposits can form and clog the grinder pump. Make sure to hire a professional rather than attempting a drain DIY. This can make the problem worse by pushing the clog further down the piping system where it becomes more difficult to treat.

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Dealing with wastewater in your home is not a problem with grinder pump repair and replacement services from experts who care. For dependable service in Spanish Fort, AL, call (251) 990-5248 and speak with one of our helpful advisors.