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Thinking About a Garbage Disposal? Here are the Benefits

As far as improvements to your Fairhope, AL home go, putting in a garbage disposal is of great value. It is enticing to potential buyers and will improve the quality of your life as the homeowner. What’s more is that garbage disposals are easy and inexpensive to install.

It can help you keep your home cleaner and fresh smelling, as well as greatly cut down on the amount of trash that you need to haul out for garbage collection. Here are some other benefits that you can expect:

Better Smelling Drains

“cleansmell”Let’s be truthful; it is hard to keep all of your food scraps out of your kitchen drain, even if you are vigilant. When those food scraps gather in the drains and pipes, they start to decompose, which creates a really bad smell.

You can try to freshen your drain with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. What’s even more effective is to have a garbage disposal which will keep the odors away altogether.

Having garbage stay in the trash can create persistent odors throughout your home, even if you use scented trash bags. You are far better off just to have your garbage taken out right away through a garbage disposal.

Help to Clean Dishes

“washingdishes”If you are scraping in one spot in your kitchen and then trudging over to another spot to rinse or wash your dishes, not only are you wasting time, you are probably making a big mess.

Chances are there is some other way that you’d like to spend your time than cleaning up the kitchen. Installing a garbage disposal means that you can clean, scrape and rinse all in one spot. Much quicker and cleaner.

Avoid Clogs

“clearpipes”One of the biggest causes of drain clogs is food scraps. Food scraps and grease can seriously clog your drains, causing messy and inconvenient backflow.

What’s more is if you have repeated clogs, this can put pressure on your pipes, which can cause weakness and eventually leaks.

It is far more effective to get a garbage disposal installed, which will significantly reduce the possibility of drain clogs. Garbage disposals are great at removing almost all organic matter.

They efficiently compress the garbage, which lets you better manage your waste. One word of caution though; don’t let things like orange peels, celery, shrimp shells, nutshells or bones fall down the disposal. These items will break the blades.