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4 Instances When Replacement is Better Than Repair

The appliances and equipment attached to your plumbing system are extremely important. One burst pipe or leak can mean total disaster. It is imperative that your plumbing system and everything connected to it stays intact. But when is the right time to replace your equipment? Keep reading to discover when replacement is better than repair.

What Is Your Water Heater Telling You?

“waterheater”Having your broken water heater fixed may seem like a good idea. However, if you are constantly paying for repairs, it may be time to get a new one.

Perhaps you notice the hot water isn’t quite so hot anymore. If you are frequently having to relight the pilot light or notice leaks around your water heater, then it is time for it to go.

If your warranty is expired and your tank is rusting, then you may just need to bite the bullet and invest in a brand new water heater that will actually heat your water without any problems.

Should I Replace the Kitchen Sink?

“kitchensink”The sink is another component in the home that may need replacing more often than you may realize.

You may notice rust around the taps or surface water starting to form.

These are both signs that your sink is probably in need of an upgrade and may need to be replaced.

Don’t Forget the Shower Top

“showertop”Most people don’t even look at their shower head unless there is a change in water pressure. This change can occur from build up of chemicals from treated water.

Minerals such as calcium will sit within the pipes around the shower head forming sediment that can form a clog. This can slow water flow, and cause rust over time. A shower top should be replaced every 6-8 months or so.

Time For a New Washing Machine?

“washingmachine”Most of us are not well versed in appliance repair. If something in our home breaks down, we will inevitably have to call a professional to come and fix it.

This is not only time consuming but also costly, especially if it keeps happening. Learn to spot the signs that you need to ditch your old washing machine and get a new one.

If it leaks - this is an obvious sign that your washing machine just isn’t cutting it anymore.
Excessive noise - If your laundry room sounds like an airport every time you use your washing machine, then it may be on its last legs.
Your washer is reaching a decade old - these machines have a lifespan of about ten years
It moves when you turn it on - Your washer should remain in place when in use, not flop around.

Well Fairhope, AL, now you are informed! Repairing your broken appliance isn’t always the answer. Sometimes it needs to be replaced. And now you know what signs to look for so you can be one step ahead.