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Your Guide to Complete Spring Plumbing for the Outdoors

There is nothing quite like the arrival of spring in Fairhope, AL. It’s time to take care of your home, shake off the winter doldrums and get energized for the season ahead. One thing you should do this season is taking care of your outdoor plumbing.

When it comes to plumbing maintenance, we tend to focus on indoor plumbing. That’s important too, but take some time to head outdoors and make sure that things are working well. Here is how to proceed.

Leaky Faucets

Outdoor FaucetA dripping faucet may not seem like a big deal, but think about all of those water drops adding up. That’s a lot of water, which means that your water bills are creeping up while that water drips. It’s worthwhile to check for dripping faucets outside.

Look for dripping or pooling water. To see if there is a leak further down in the pipe, close the spigot with your hand and turn the water on full blast. If the water knocks your hand off, you are in good shape. If you are able to keep it in place and contain the water, then you’ve likely got a leak in the pipe.

Clean Gutters Today

Home Gutters

A rainy, windy winter means that there are all kinds of debris residing in your gutters. This is problematic because it impedes your water drainage, which can create water damage to your home.

Clean gutters out regularly with a broom (not your hose, which will waste water and make your bills higher).

Irrigation Inspection Time

SprinklerGive your irrigation system a good once-over to make sure it is working well in advance of the heavy watering season. Replace back up batteries and check timers and date and time setting.

Check the nozzles to make sure that they aren’t cracked or full of soil and other debris. That will block the water flow. Make sure that valves are in good repair.

Inspect them well for signs of leaks or other damage. You need to count on your valves to be able to regulate the water flow.

Time to Replace Hoses?

Outdoor HosesRubber garden hoses do an important job and they don’t last forever. Take the opportunity this spring to make sure that none of your hoses are cracked or broken.

Broken hoses mean that water will spray and leak out, instead of getting the necessary moisture to your lawn and garden.

Taking care of your plumbing means saving money. It’s worth taking the time!