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Three Signs That Warrant Garbage Disposal Replacement or Repair 

Garbage disposals are ideal for keeping the plumbing system in good shape in many homes. By grinding up waste and carrying it away from the home, homeowners rarely worry about clogs causing problems. But, like everything else, garbage disposals don't last forever. Once they hit the 10-year mark, problems can become inevitable. 

Some signs that a garbage disposal may need repairs or replacement include: 

Strange Noises (or None at All) 

noisesGarage disposals generally make grinding sounds while turned on. However, these sounds could point to a problem that requires professional attention: 

  • Rattling. A loose component could make a rattling sound, threatening to fall off. A utensil stuck in the drain could also be the culprit. 
  • Humming. If the garbage disposal makes a humming noise (but doesn't turn on), this could mean that the motor is on, but the impellers aren't spinning. 
  • Screeching. The motor or its bearings might be worn out. 

If a homeowner turns on the garbage disposal and doesn't hear anything, this could mean there's a problem with the power supply. Sometimes, this may require an electrician's assistance to get to the problem's root. 

The Device Stops Working Efficiently 

Ideally, a garbage disposal should chop up waste, then lead it into the plumbing system. If the garbage disposal stops working properly, this could lead to clogs and other headaches. Many times, if the disposal turns on and the blades spin, the blades themselves may need sharpening or replacing. 

A homeowner may also benefit from a professional's assistance if they constantly have to press the reset button to get things working again. They might have to do this if: 

  • The garbage disposal gets easily overwhelmed
  • The garbage disposal turns off suddenly
  • Waste needs help getting further down the drain

When a plumber evaluates a garbage disposal, they look at many things, including the power supply, motor, and blades. They may also ask the homeowner questions about how long and often they've had the device. The information they find can help them diagnose and fix an issue. 

Foul Odors 

smellsHomeowners may notice foul odors from the kitchen sink when a garbage disposal needs repairs. Garbage disposal smells can indicate many things, including: 

  • A clogged garbage disposal. When food or waste doesn't entirely go down the drain, the waste may decompose, causing a stink. 
  • Backup. Hopefully, the sewer isn't backing up into the kitchen sink. Yet, if the garbage disposal hasn't worked efficiently, this could be a problem. 
  • Mold growth. Mold can grow on top of decomposing food. This creates more than a smell; the mold can spread to other parts of the house, causing respiratory complications. 

Watching how-to guides and YouTube videos only takes a homeowner so far. When in doubt about a problem with the garbage disposal, they should call a professional plumbing service. 

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