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What Are Slab Leaks?

Not every home is built on a slab foundation, but because building on a thick, horizontal piece of concrete called a slab is relatively simple and inexpensive, chances are, most of the homes you've ever lived in or owned had to have been built on a slab. This concrete pad, usually six to eight inches thick, is where a home sits on top of it. Right underneath it is a system of copper water pipes that may, by force of nature or over time, corrode, degrade, or break, causing a leak that is known as a slab leak. 

Slab leaks may not be a common occurrence, but when it does rear their ugly head, homeowners must pay attention because slab leaks can cause serious damage to a home and its foundations. To protect from the extensive damage that can result from an undiagnosed slab leak, homeowners will do well to look for the following signs.


How To Tell If You're Dealing With a Slab Leak

toiletWhile most of the signs that point to a slab leak may be subtle or can easily be mistaken as signs of a different problem, when taken all together, they help rule out other issues in the home and help homeowners understand that it is indeed a slab leak they are dealing with.

Most slab leaks become apparent when a high water bill no visible leak scenario occurs. High water bills typically point to a leak, but without a visible leak to attribute the bill to, homeowners should suspect a slab leak. Other slab leak signs may include visible water damage to furniture, appliances, and fixtures, especially ones that seem soggy or waterlogged. Warped wood and cracks in the floors, walls, or baseboards indicate a slab leak.

Low water pressure from any fixture, mold, and mildew, and strange pools of water collecting indoors or around the perimeter of the home round up the list of telltale signs that warn of the impending doom of a slab leak.

How Slab Leaks Can Be Dangerous To Your Home

Not only are slab leaks sneaky, but they can also be particularly devastating to the safety of a home. This is because slab leaks wreak havoc on a home's foundation, which may become compromised as water causes the concrete base to weaken, split, crack, and even shift. Anything that damages a home's foundation compromises its integrity, making it unsafe for its occupants. 

Other potential dangers of a slab leak include the health hazards that come with respiratory issues related to inhaling mold spores and the potential risk of electrocution when outlets and other exposed wiring come in contact with water, which can also become a fire hazard.

How Professionals Can Help

leakUnderstanding the dangers of a slab leak should compel homeowners to invest time and resources in maintaining their homes and make sure that competent individuals are tasked to do the job of slab leak detection and repair. Most professional plumbers have the required technical skills, certifications, knowledge, and experience to deal with this kind of problem, and having one handy to call will help homeowners feel safe and secure that if this scenario does occur, they will be able to deal with it swiftly and professionally. 

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