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Homeowners Could Benefit From a Whole-House Water Filter 

The City of Fairhope provides water to thousands of residents. Mostly, the water comes from streams, reservoirs, and rivers. While the water is mostly safe for consumption, many contaminants can find their water in these water supplies, leading to sour beverages and less-than-ideal meals. 

But what should homeowners do? Install a water filter, of course! Within days of installation, they will notice the following.

Better Tasting Drinks 


When people imagine water filters, they think of the popular Brita filter. However, a whole-home water filter is a powered device that requires installation. They generally cost a few hundred dollars and require little maintenance. 

Many water filters rely on “reverse osmosis” to give water that clean, crisp taste. In this process, water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane that filters out most contaminants. Depending on the filter, it may repeat this process multiple times for maximum efficiency. 

This can lead to better tasting: 

  • Soups. Many soups, chowders, and stews rely on water as the base. 
  • Lemonade, coffee, and tea. No matter how good a mix is, if the water doesn’t taste good, neither will the final product. 
  • Baby formula. Ever wonder why some babies spit out the formula? Sometimes, it has to do with the quality of the drinking water. 

With an efficient water filter, homeowners don’t have to rely on bottled water. As discussed later, this can also save time and money. 

Safe Drinking Water 

Unfiltered water from natural water supplies may contain manganese and iron, leading to negative health consequences, from headaches to chronic conditions. Some residences near industrial sites may come into contact with other chemicals from runoff. 

As noted, while the water in Fairhope is generally safe to drink, water filters take sanitation to a new level. Consider the following: 

  • Clean drinking water prompts good hydration. The more hydrated someone is, the less likely they are to deal with health concerns. 
  • Constant hydration promotes clear skin, shiny hair, and longer attention spans.
  • People with compromised immune systems need quality drinking water. Otherwise, they’re more likely to experience adverse symptoms and health concerns

Save Money and Time 


Most big-box retailers sell bottled water for about $5 a case. If a homeowner has to buy multiple cases of water a week, this could cost hundreds of dollars a year. It would be a much wiser investment to purchase and install a reverse osmosis water filter system. 

This saves time and money for these two reasons: 

  • Homeowners don’t have to make frequent trips to the grocery store
  • If a homeowner doesn’t recycle, throwing away bottled water can fill up trash cans faster

If the state decides to institute a bottled deposit, homeowners could spend even more on bottled water. Nobody wants to spend more money than they have to––not with the increase in inflation. A homeowner doesn’t have to worry about these things when they hire a professional to install a water filter. 

About Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air 

Sick of drinking sour-tasting water? Consider consulting Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air about getting a water filter. Serving Fairhope, AL, there’s nothing these experts can’t accomplish. They make homeowners’ lives easier every day. One can call now to learn more about their commitment to same-day water filtration service, discounted rates, and estimates.