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When Do You Know It’s Time to Replace the Water Heater?

It’s easy to overlook a water heater. Unlike air conditioning, broken or old water heaters are not always obvious to spot. While it may be hard to replace such a loyal appliance, water heaters can not last forever.  

The Water Heater Is Too Old To Function

There are two main types of water heaters: gas and electric. Both water heaters are efficient and have newer models available. Both models will also grow old.

A gas water heater usually uses natural gas. This is less energy efficient but often costs less than electric water heater bills. This is primarily due to the cost of electricity. Another reason many homeowners choose to use gas is its ability to work even in a power outage. 

Tankless heating can be used for both electric coils and gas units. The electric units typically last seven years, but tankless gas heaters can run for over 20 years. 

The lifespan of a regular gas water heater is approximately 12 years, but electric heaters last anywhere from 10-15 years. Routine maintenance does factor into the overall lifespan of all water heaters.

Water Damage and Leakswater heater

The consequences of a leaky water heater are harsh. If a leak is not fixed soon, this can cause water damage to walls and floors. Proper maintenance can prevent leaks from occurring in the first place.

A gas water heater can leak for multiple reasons. Heaters over 15 years old tend to leak more as the components get worn down from long-term use. This is a common problem when rust forms inside the tank. Any type of corrosion will allow a way for water to escape.

The anode rod attracts corrosive material. If the rod begins to wither, this will also create leaks. The substances that once kept the water heater safe will devolve over time and may damage the heater itself. 

Leaks that occur in the inner shell of the tank will eventually cause the external shell to crack. Unfortunately, leaks that occur from inside the shell are difficult to find. If an electric water heater is older than ten years, this can cause deterioration within the tank.

water heater Does It Refuse To Power On?

Not all problems are related to water damage. A water heater installer may not be necessary if a gas heater refuses to work. This problem may be due to a malfunctioning circuit breaker. Faulty power cords or simply running out of gas can cause a water heater to stop working.

If the thermostat stops working, this can be misleading. Thermostat issues are more likely to occur than water heater damage. If the upper element of the tank loses power, there will be no hot water available. The reset button can help homeowners understand where the problem is coming from.

Water heaters may stop working due to a loss of water pressure. If a municipal water supply has reached above the TPR valve, this will cause an increase in the volume of water. Significant water pressure will eventually cause leaks if it is not fixed. Depending on the cause of water pressure, one can sometimes solve this problem by lowering the thermostat. If this does not work, a water heater service familiar with water heater installation can help. 

Many water heaters stop working because of age. Although a loose part or faulty valve may be to blame, age is common for water heater replacement. 

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