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Why Is the Water Pressure Low?

Shower plumbing can be complicated! There are rarely issues with the shower, but it can be frustrating to face as a homeowner when it occurs. But residents should not worry, as a low shower pressure can be easily fixed!

However, plumbing technicians do need to first figure out the leading cause of the water pressure. Through various tests and specialized tools, technicians can scan the bathroom plumbing, look for hidden leaks, and analyze the effectiveness of the showerhead. One small change can easily improve the water pressure and temperature. 

Scan the Bathroom Plumbing

Interestingly enough, all of the major fixtures in a bathroom are connected through pipes that share a water source. In other words, if there is a problem affecting one fixture, it can affect all of them.

Plumbing technicians start by looking over the bathroom plumbing, more importantly, the pipes. This includes the bathroom sink and the shower! Although most of the time, the big issue with water pressure is a small and minor problem, it can also be because of a serious clog.

If there is a clogged drain, bathroom plumbing is necessary. If not, this can lead to a backup of water. Since the water in a bathroom is mainly waste, it can be disgusting and damaging.

Locate Hidden Leaksleaks

If there is a hidden water leak, this could lead to a reduction in water pressure. This is because there is a lack of water rushing through the showerhead or faucet. It is important to review the water line to ensure no hidden leaks.

Sometimes, even the smallest cracks can go unnoticed. Thankfully, plumbers have various tools that one can use to look for hidden leaks. There are also tell-tale signs like water condensation on the pipes or in the general area. This could also explain why a homeowner's water bill suddenly skyrockets and becomes more expensive.





Inspect the Showerhead

Who doesn't love a good and strong showerhead? Most of the time, water pressure is low because of buildup in the showerhead from hard water. Hard water has minerals that build up easily. The best way to understand if the water in a home is hard is to do a quick test.

They sell tests in hardware stores and general stores. An easy fix to this problem is using a water softener as an attachment to the showerhead. Sometimes the showerhead also leads to a hidden leak and poor shower pressure because it is broken or old. The water flows and trickles out when there is a crack, instead of blasting through the designated area.

There are many showerheads to choose from that are great at adding water pressure. Homeowners should ask their local plumbing contractors for a list of affordable and efficient options. 

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