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Update Plumbing Fixtures To Ring in the New Year!

Everyone always tries to better themselves at the start of every new year. They always make resolutions that will hopefully get them to eat better, work out more, or do something else along those lines. An easy way to help 2022 feel better than any other year is to update the home with a new kitchen sink or shower installation. There are plenty of small plumbing replacements that can make any home feel brand new, and professional remodelers have tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Continue reading below to learn about fun ways to improve the home’s plumbing this year! 

Update the Kitchen Sink!sink

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, so the kitchen sink is one of the most important fixtures. An outdated kitchen sink can make a home feel a lot older than it really is and as far as updates are concerned, replacing the kitchen sink is one of the easiest updates homeowners can do because it typically doesn’t involve a lot of construction to complete the process. 

Still, it is something that homeowners should hire a professional to do to ensure it is done as safely as possible. 

Those thinking about kitchen sink replacement this year should look at the following trendy sinks and faucets:

  • The farmhouse kitchen sink in stainless steel or porcelain 
  • An undermount kitchen sink with drain assembly 
  • Retractable arched faucets 
  • Touch faucets 
  • Double basin drop-in kitchen sink 
  • Dual-ledge workstation sink 

Bathroom Remodeling Can Make the House Feel New bathroom remodeling

Those with a little higher budget and ready for a bigger project should consider bathroom remodeling this year. Homeowners don’t realize how much time they spend in their bathroom until they have a few updates like a new bathtub installation or shower installation. 

There are a few bathroom trends for 2022 that some homeowners might be interested in, like: 

  • A vanity with built-in towel shelves 
  • Purchasing a towel warmer 
  • Heated tile floors
  • An open shower design with a single glass pane divider 
  • Stand-alone bowl-shaped bathtub 
  • Mood lighting 
  • Touch faucets for the sink 

Even just upgrading the showerhead can make it feel like the entire shower system got an upgrade. Some showerheads will conserve water to help save money as well! 

Always Hire a Professional! 

Before homeowners dive in on a remodel or plumbing installation project, they should always consider hiring a professional. Professionals are not only trained but experienced at what they do. They install, replace, and remodel kitchens and bathrooms daily, and they will be covered by insurance if something goes wrong. 

Homeowners might think they can do a job cheaper on their own while still being safe and efficient. The truth is, it’ll probably cost them more time and money to do it on their own than it would if they hired a professional. 

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