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international day of peace

The History of the International Day of Peace

During September we celebrate the International Day of Peace. International Day of Peace, or Peace Day, is September 21st. We’ve celebrated this day since 1981 when it was created through a United Nation’s resolution.

The purpose of Peace Day is to globally come together to promote peace and to work towards creating a culture of peace. This year, the focus of Peace Day is on climate change and how combating climate change is a way to promote peace.

In honor of this important day, we’re going to talk about plumbing, water and ways we can all join the Peace Day celebrations this year.

Our Reliance on Plumbing Technology

plumbingtechnologyWhen you think about world peace, plumbing might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, when you contemplate climate change and the effects that it could have on communities around the world, it’s hard to not think about some of the modern conveniences that we currently enjoy and the effect that they have on our daily lives.

Our plumbing technology gives us access to adequate amounts of clean and hot water. We depend upon this water supply for hydration, nutrition and hygiene. While we often take this for granted, it’s an essential part of our everyday life.

When you think about climate change this September, we hope you’ll remember the important role that plumbing technology and water play in your life and work to protect this important resource.

Preparing for Water Droughts

waterdroughtsNothing makes you appreciate having adequate water more than a drought. Unfortunately, with rising temperatures, we can expect to have more droughts and ongoing issues with natural water disasters.

Knowing this risk, we all need to be proactive about conserving water. We can do this through high-efficiency appliances, rain barrels and by being conscious about when and how we’re using water.

If we all take some small steps to save a little extra water, it could have a big impact on our overall water supply. Water is a precious natural resource, and it’s important that we all do our part to conserve this limited resource.

Uniting for World Peace

worldpeaceWhile climate change and environmental concerns can feel overwhelming, it’s also empowering to think about the impact that we can have if we all work together.

Peace Day strives to have us do just that: come together around a common goal of peace. And, this year, it specifically asks us to unite around climate change and combating climate change.

Let’s all celebrate the International Day of Peace this year by making a few changes in our lives that will help to protect the environment. If we work together, we can have a big impact and we can make major strides towards protecting the environment.

This September 21st, we hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate Peace Day and that you’ll be proactive about conserving water and protecting the environment. We’re so fortunate to have regular access to clean water and plumbing technology, let’s do our part to make sure that we continue to have this important resource. And, Happy Peace Day!