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Enjoy Significant Savings on Your Water Bill when You Follow These Tips

Save Money

Given the high cost of living and expenses associated with home ownership, it can always be a challenge to balance your household budget. That’s why every little bit counts when it comes to cutting costs and finding ways to save. One of the most effective ways that you can bring your bills down is to work on water conservation.

Reducing your water use will reduce your water bills, which means that you have more money to dedicate to other things around your home. Here are some helpful hints.

Visit Your Local Carwash

Car WashAs a general rule, the more that you can do at home that is DIY, you’ll save money. While that is true with home repairs and maintenance, it’s not the case with washing your car. It costs far less to use a commercial car wash than to tack that water use on to your water bill.

This is also an excellent way to do your part to reduce your water footprint. You can always opt for a carwash that uses recycled water, which goes a long way for conservation.

Locate and Fix Plumbing Leaks

Water LeakWhile it seems like a hassle to tend to tiny leaks, don’t ignore them. Those tiny leaks add up to some serious water waste that inflates your water bills.

In fact, the EPA suggests that keeping on top of home plumbing leaks can help you shave 10 per cent on average off of your water bills.

That’s a lot of money that could go to more useful things in your home. Realize that not all plumbing leaks are going to be visible.

Less obvious signs of plumbing leaks include an unexplained increase in your water bills, the sound of rushing water through your walls, damp spots on the floors or ceiling, mold growth and low water pressure.

Greywater Use for Your Plants

Water PlantsAre you familiar with “grey water”? Simply, this is water that you’ll not use for eating, cooking or drinking because it is gently used (i.e. it has soap or small food residue in it).

However, this greywater is still perfectly good for other uses in your home like watering your plants. In addition to providing your plants with moisture, grey water also has fertilizing qualities.

Choose a Shower Instead

ShowerConsider a bath a luxury because of how much water you use to fill the tub. A shower uses significantly less water.

Don’t hang out in the shower for too long though, or you erase the conservation benefits. For even more savings, put in a low-flow showerhead.

Saving money as a homeowner means always being on the lookout for ways to cut back. Water conservation is a cost-effective, low-effort way to do just that in Fairhope, AL.