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Things Everyone Needs To Know About the White House

Many people pride themselves on knowing fun facts about the White House. Most tend to focus on its number of rooms, square footage, and history. However, White House plumbing facts tend to be a topic that most of the country hasn't heard much about. This stops today! Plumbing professionals are ready to share fun facts about the White House plumbing system's history. 

When Did the White House First Get Running Water?

Running water was first introduced into the White House in 1833, and it was far from what homeowners would expect today. People wanted running water in the home for ready access to clean drinking water and something to fill buckets with to put out fires. This is exactly what the White House had installed at that time.

It didn't take long for the White House to label a designated area of the home, the "bathing room," which featured three things: 

  • A cold bath
  • A shower
  • A hot bath

The water was heated via coal fires placed under copper boilers.  

The First Flush Inside the White House

The same year the "bathing room" came to be, was the same time the White House first got a flushing toilet as well. Millard Fillmore had the first flushing toilet installed into the White House to bring the house into modern times. The year was 1853, and before that, water had to be carried to the White House on foot. 

toilet flush

The White House was still behind the times during Trump's presidency because he's known for publicly making upgrades to the mansion. Regardless, the White House is one of America's most famous buildings, so it's only right that it was one of the first places to have a flushing toilet installed. 

A Few More Fun Factsletters

Below are a few more fun facts about the White House that not a lot of people know: 

  • The first White House telephone wasn't installed in the President's Office, but rather down the hall in the Telegraph Room. The Oval Office Desk didn't get a telephone until 1929. 
  • In 1946 President Truman wrote a letter to his wife explaining the mansion was haunted. In 1949 Truman began a three-year renovation project on the White House and completely demolished everything aside from the exterior walls. 
  • The White House requires 570 gallons of paint to cover the exterior.

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