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Participating in Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October, the world gets together to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone in the plumbing industry would like to show solidarity and support the many survivors of this devastating disease, and show respect for all of the people who have suffered from it, whether living, passed, or simply supportive friends and family members. This article will discuss the history of the movement and some of the things you can do to get involved in your own area.

The History of the Pink Ribbon

pink ribbonAlthough the pink ribbon is the most recognizable symbol of breast cancer awareness, its origins aren’t quite as clear. The most likely person behind the first pink ribbon is a woman named Charlotte Haley. This creative 68-year-old started the campaign after her sister, grandmother, and daughter were all diagnosed with breast cancer.

The pink ribbon spread quickly, allow people to wear an easily identifiable symbol of their support for breast cancer awareness, even ending up on many national brands like Estee Lauder, the National Football League, and Avon. Susan G. Komen also uses this symbol so much that many people think that they invented it themselves.

Wear Pink on October 18th

Since 1985, October 18th has been known as National Wear It Pink Day, an official day to raise money and raise awareness for breast cancer awareness. Events occur in communities both large and small all across the globe, with the funds going to organizations actively seeking a cure for breast cancer.

wear it pink

The event originally started simply as a way to encourage women to get their annual mammograms but merged into an even larger scale event in the late 1990s. Today, National Wear It Pink Day is the largest single fundraising day of the year for breast cancer fundraising.

The Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

One of the best ways to raise breast cancer awareness is by talking about the warning signs of breast cancer. With nearly 300,000 people diagnosed annually, recognizing the signs can potentially let people catch it earlier and allow for a better prognosis.

In addition to yearly mammograms (for all women over the age of 40 or sooner with a strong family history on the maternal side) and monthly self-exam, people should pay attention if they have any of the following signs or symptoms.

  • medical signsA lump or mass that can be felt under the skin or in the armpit.
  • Skin irritation or dimpling of the skin.
  • Breast or nipple pain.
  • Any discoloration of the skin (especially if it is scaly, thickened, or red).
  • Inversion or retraction of the nipple.
  • Nipple discharge if not breastfeeding.

So this breast cancer awareness month, take the time to celebrate the survivors and honor those who have passed away from this terrible disease. Hopefully, with additional research and funding, there will be a cure.

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