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How Can Deteriorating Pipes Affect Your Home?

Black Friday is a great time of year to find some of the best deals on the market. With family and friends coming over for the holidays, you want to ensure that your house is in the best shape possible. One area that tends to get overlooked is the plumbing system. This holiday season, be sure to have your plumbing checked to avoid a few of these costly mistakes.

Copper Pipe Corrosion

cooper corrosionWhen you start to see black copper from your pipes, it is a red alert that something is wrong. There is a good chance that you could be dealing with the presence of high sulfur levels. Other chemicals in the air, such as sewer gas, could also be causing copper pipe corrosion.

This could also be an indication that the copper pipe is coming into contact with galvanized steel. Homeowners could also be out of luck if the pipes were made with cheap copper.

These are all problems that could be eating away at the pipe. As the pipes become thinner, pinhole leaks, cracks, and burst pipes can be the end result. If corrections are not made, the corrosion can lead to a total pipe failure.

Deterioration Can Also Impact Your Water Heater

How do you react when you see black specks coming through the faucet? This can cause a lot of anxiety and panic. Whenever you notice black specks from turning on the hot water in your shower or sink, there is a chance that your water heater is corroding.

corroded water heater

If it is not the water heater specifically, it can be the water lines to and from the water heater that is corroded. Whatever may be the cause, it is important that you have a professional take a look at it and offer a solution.

Cleaning the Pipes

pipe cleaningAn excess of oxygen suspended in water is the most common cause of copper pipe corrosion. This suspended oxygen attaches to the copper and causes oxidation. Corrosion on the inside of a pipe can be caused by water that is too hard, soft, or full of chlorine.

This can lead to pinhole leaks, which could turn into even bigger problems down the road. If the pipes are exposed, some of the corrosion spots can be removed by yourself. A paste of white vinegar, baking soda, and salt can be mixed and applied to the corrosion.

After 10-15 minutes, all you have to do is wipe away the paste and the corrosion will be wiped away, this works as a way of DIY drain cleaning. It is important to note that this is only a temporary solution and a professional should be called in for further investigation.

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