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What Does "Fully Stocked Truck Mean?"

Plumbing companies boast about their fully-stocked trucks, but what does that mean? To the average consumer, the benefits of this statement may be lost, but the answer lies in the purpose of the fully-stocked truck. The main reason that plumbers like to remind their customers that their trucks are amply supplied is that it means they can accomplish the job faster. 

Most plumbers will stock common plumbing materials on a fully-stocked truck to solve most plumbing problems without running out and wasting time fetching parts. But, the other reason they keep their trucks full is for their tools. Without the proper tools, some of the plumbers' jobs would be impossible. Here is a look inside the back of a plumber's service truck so homeowners can understand and appreciate what it takes to accomplish various plumbing tasks. 

Common Hand Tools 

toolsTo kick off this list of common plumbing tools, starting with some tools that most people are familiar with and own themselves is helpful. Specialized plumbing wrenches are one of the most important sets of tools a plumber can bring to any job. The chiefs among the wrenches are several sizes of pipe wrenches. Pipe wrenches have special jaws that allow them to grip round pipes so they can be fitted tightly together. 

Another type of wrench commonly used by plumbers is a basin wrench. A basin wrench tightens the nuts on the underside of sinks and basins. To reach the nuts, a basin wrench has a long neck with a pipe-wrench-like jaw at the top. This allows the plumber to tighten basin nuts in inaccessible places. 

Other common plumbing tools include: 

Safety Equipment

No job is complete without completing it safely so plumbers have the gear to ensure everyone on the job site stays safe. Depending on the task, the level of danger may be slight or severe, so plumbers have to carry enough safety gear to handle anything they might encounter. Some of the stuff that plumbers use to keep them and their customers' homes safe are: 

  • Safety glasses
  • Rubber gloves for dealing with nasty messes
  • Sturdy leather gloves for tough drain jobs
  • Wet rags and sand to protect against fires when sweating pipe
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sturdy footwear

Speciality Tools for Big Problems 

toolsSome of the biggest messes that plumbers have to deal with are based around the drains and sewers in homes and businesses. Drains and sewer lines are notorious for clogging and backing up because they are expected to handle so much. To attack these problems so they stay calm, plumbers have specialty tools to get things back on the right track. Some of these specialty plumbing tools are: 

  • Hydrojets: These powerful machines cut through clogs and blast grime inside pipes restoring sewer service. 
  • Plumbing Snakes: Plumbing snakes care for tree roots and other tough clogs. 
  • Sewer Inspection Cameras: These devices allow plumbers to see the cause of sewer line problems to make repairs accurately. 

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