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Don’t Get Stuck With a Presidential Clog This Month!


With Presidents Day now behind us, you probably spent the long weekend with friends or family, hanging out around the house. Maybe you did some online shopping and took advantage of those presidents day sales, or maybe you hosted your loved ones for a barbecue.

Whatever your weekend consisted of, long holiday weekends usually come with friends and family and lots of food to celebrate! With so much food coming in and out of your kitchen, and so many guests enjoying the holiday with you, it can be easy to forget about certain household tips that can save you from ending up with a presidential clog!

Preventing Clogged Pipes

clogpreventionThe first clog prevention tip to remember is that fats and oils, like cooking grease, should never be poured down your sink drain.

While the grease may be liquid when you pour it out, it will eventually become solid when it cools, clogging your drain pipes.

It is a common misconception that if you run hot water down the drain while you pour out the grease, it will prevent a clog. Again, once you stop running the hot water, the grease will eventually cool.

This is why regular drain cleanings are also important. They can help clear out any grease, food scraps, or other things that can end up in your sink drains by accident and cause a clog.

Disposing of Food in The Sink

fooddisposalFood disposal is a big culprit in plumbing issues on weekends like Presidents Day. It’s important to note what kinds of food can get washed down the sink and what kinds cannot.

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, the solution to this puzzle is simple: you shouldn’t dispose of anything in your sink.

A garbage disposal can help you grind up food scraps to keep your drains clean. Another good tip for food disposal is to drop a lemon or orange peel into your disposal occasionally to keep your sink drain smelling fresh.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning

daincleaningFinally, the number one tip for preventing clogged pipes this weekend is to schedule a professional drain cleaning.

Despite your best efforts to protect your sink drains, you never know if your brother in law may have poured out a pan full of grease in your sink while you had your back turned, or a plastic fork fell into your garbage disposal.

That's when you need a professional plumbing technician to come in and fix the problem for you. Regular drain cleanings can even get rid of recurring or stubborn clogs and help your sink drain empty faster.

To put it simply, keeping regular drain cleaning appointments can give you peace of mind about your drains so that you can enjoy holiday weekends with your family and friends! Between Valentine's Day and Presidents Day, February should be a month of spending time with your loved ones. Don't let clogged pipes ruin your festivities!

Affordable Plumbing Sewer and Drain wishes you all the best, and we hope you enjoyed your long weekend! If you spent the weekend with a friend or loved one, who may be experiencing problems with their drains, share this article with them to send some helpful tips their way!