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It Might Be Time for Water Heater Repair

It’s almost Halloween, and noises inside the home can feel extra scary. Whether screeching, hissing, or humming, any one of these noises might have homeowners thinking their home is haunted. In reality, they most likely are having water heater issues. Homeowners should hear a specific sound and try to find out where it is coming from. Of course, if it seems impossible to find the root of the cause, homeowners can call a professional plumber to get the job done because chances are the sounds are coming from the plumbing system. Many times, it is the water heater tank. 

If homeowners haven’t had water heater maintenance done in a while, it increases the chances of the noises coming from the water heater. To know for sure, continue reading below to learn more about all the different sounds a faulty water heater makes. 

Screeching and Hissing Noises Would Scare Anyone!woman

Screeching and hissing are two noises no one wants to hear in their home. Fortunately, if the noise comes from the water heater, one can fix the problem with a quick water heater maintenance service. Having the water heater serviced at least once a year could help homeowners avoid the problem altogether. Still, if the noises are happening, homeowners should know why they are happening to call a professional as soon as possible. 

Typically, when a water heater is hissing, it indicates a leak somewhere in the system. The homeowner will want to check out the water heater to see if there is a stream of water around the unit or coming from the pipe leading to the water heater. 

On the other hand, screeching points to a valve that isn’t opening all of the way. It is usually the pressure relief valve, and in both circumstances, the homeowner should call a trusted professional to perform water heater repair before the problems worsen. 

What About Rumbling, Popping, and Cracking?

Thankfully, any rumbling, popping, or cracking noises homeowners hear don’t usually point to an emergency. However, homeowners should have a water heater service done regardless because it still points to an underlying problem with the water heater itself. 

When the water heater is making these noises, there is most sediment in the water heater tank. What homeowners hear is the actual sediment bouncing around and bubbling inside of the tank. Sediment build-up is normal and occurs in water heater tanks, but it is also something easily avoided with regular water heater maintenance. Some other signs that there is sediment build-up in the water heater tank are: 

  • Fluctuating water temperatures
  • Diminishing hot water supply 
  • No hot water at all 
  • The water takes longer to heat up 
  • Increasing energy bills

It’s Not a Ghost Humming: It’s the Water Heaterwater heater

Humming is a noise that homeowners want to look out for. While it isn’t considered an emergency, it can lead to several problems if this noise isn’t fixed promptly. Humming from the water heater is a sign that the heating element is loose or going bad. 

In this circumstance, the professional will most likely recommend water heater repair that involves the heating element. They may even recommend replacing the water heater if the unit is old. Regardless, any noise that comes from the water heater should always be checked out by a professional.

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