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Prevention for Home Flooding

Spring is a wonderful time when snow melts and flowers begin blooming. It’s also the season that brings heavy rainfall. If you don’t keep a careful eye on your plumbing system, you could find out that the April showers that water everyone's crops and garden beds are causing problems for your home.

It may not sound like it immediately connects, but keep reading and you’ll see how spring rains could cause problems for your home plumbing and even cause your home to flood, if not prevented.

Heavy Rains Can Strain Your Plumbing

heavy rainsEarly spring brings a lot of rain. It’s the seasonal time when the earth is watered, gardens are planted, and the earth is ready for a long drink after the winter. Due to all the water that is flowing through the land, you could experience extra pressure on your pipes.

If they’re in an area where groundwater can build up and cause pressure to your plumbing, you might experience cracks and leaks that could lead to eventual flooding. If you get enough rain, there could also be a build-up of debris in drains that lead to the sewer. This could lead to backups in your pipes.

Increased water pressure is all that is needed to cause your pipes to crack and burst. To avoid this, keep a close eye on how your plumbing functions. If you are experiencing any backup of water, water discoloration, or low water flow, check your pipes for any sign of blockage. You’ll also want to adjust the water pressure from your regulator if your pressure is too high.

There Could Be Unseen Damage

When you experience heavy rains, it looks like most of the water slides down your property and away. That, however, is not what occurs. The majority of rainwater is soaked up into the ground. Because the ground soaks up water, the dirt will turn into mud and cause much heavier pressure to be placed upon the pipes under your home. This, unfortunately, can cause underground pipes to shift and crack.


While most pipes are durable, the older your pipes get, the more susceptible they are to breakage. If the pipes shift from their original position, they can easily crack and leak at seams and joints when bent out of shape.

Check Your Home’s Foundation

homes cracksWith the ground soaking up all the extra water from spring rainstorms, the dirt turns into mud underneath your home. Mud weighs more than dirt and can put extra pressure on your home’s foundation. When this happens, pipes are stressed beyond their breaking point.

Minor cracks can start and by the end of the season, they can turn into major leaks and can even burst, flooding the inside of your home. Pipes that burst do not leak directly into the ground, but will come up through the cement and flood any room they are directly under.

If you have a crawl space foundation, a burst pipe can turn that area into a swimming pool, threatening the very foundation of your home. If pipes aren’t cared for as soon as you notice something wrong, you could end up with significant problems later on.

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