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Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

The holiday season just so happens to correlate with the flu season. This is because temperatures start to drop, causing immune systems to weaken. At the same time, cooler weather sends more people indoors with each other, making diseases easier to spread. With holiday gatherings being the norm, this is the perfect recipe for a rough season. 

One of the best things owners can do to protect their families during the holidays is to ensure the air quality in their homes is as high as possible. Living in a home with high dust and allergens can compromise lung immunity and make people more susceptible to illness. By following simple advice, homeowners can clean up the air in their homes for the holidays and ensure everyone stays healthy. 

Install New Air Filters 

air filter

The air filter is the first defense against poor indoor air quality in every home. Each air conditioner or heater has an air filter designed to pull dust and allergens out of the air. This removes pollutants from the air inside the home and keeps them from collecting inside ductwork, where they become a breeding ground for pathogens or mold. 

AC filters should be replaced at least every three months. More frequent air filter replacements will be a good idea in homes with high levels of dust or confounding factors like pets. By keeping clean air filters in service, everyone in the home can breathe a little easier during the holidays. 

Get the Evaporator Coil Cleaned 

The evaporator coil is a vital part of any air conditioning system. During summer, the evaporator coil cools the air before distributing it around the home. When the furnace is turned on, all the air still flows across the evaporator coil. How does this affect indoor air quality? The evaporator coil collects moisture and dust missed by the air filters. The combination of moisture and dust encourages mold growth. As the heater cycles in the winter, mold spores are picked up and distributed around the home. 

To fight this nasty situation, homeowners are encouraged to have the evaporator coils cleaned every year. By scheduling professional coil cleaning, homeowners protect their indoor air and ensure their system runs efficiently. 

Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Assessment 

indoor air quality testing

One of the big obstacles to high-quality indoor air is that most homeowners have no idea about the air quality in their homes. Allowing a professional to perform an indoor air quality assessment can clear up some confusion regarding air quality. 

During an indoor air quality assessment, professionals will get accurate measurements of different types of contaminants in indoor air. This may include things like: 

  • Particulate levels
  • Carbon monoxide
  • VOCs
  • Radon

Once owners know what they're up against, they can formulate a plan to clean up their air. Professionals may recommend UV air sanitizers or higher-quality air filters. Either way, owners can breathe easily knowing they have acted to protect their family and guests during the holiday

About Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air

Affordable Plumbing, Heating, and air can help every home clean up their air in time for the holidays. With UV air sanitizer installation service and a membership program, they handle indoor air quality from start to finish. Call today for HVAC service in Fairhope, AL. 

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