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Water Leak Detection Tips 

Homeowners need to be on the lookout for these three warning signs of a hidden water leak. Plumbing leaks can cause extensive water damage, adding up to thousands of dollars in repairs. Catching the water leak early on can save homeowners from the headache and high bills of dealing with water damage. 

Obvious signs of a leak include noticing water visibility leaking from the plumbing, a dark spot of water damage on a wall or ceiling, or visible mold and mildew growing. Homeowners should try to visually inspect their plumbing system whenever possible. Here are three less obvious signs of a hidden water leak in a home's plumbing system

Hissing/Running Water Sounds

When the plumbing is not being used, it should be quiet for the most part. A leak in the plumbing could make it sound like water is running even when the faucet isn't on. Homeowners should not ignore the persistent sound of running water. The longer the water leak is left alone, the worse the water damage can get. 

A hidden water leak can also sound like a hissing noise. In addition to causing water damage, water leaks can lead to accidental electrocutions or housefires if the water reaches electrical wiring in the walls. 

Professional plumbers also use sound to locate the source of a water leak. Water leak detection devices are specialized tools used by plumbers. The leak detector listens for the sound of running water to pinpoint the exact location of a difficult-to-find leak. 

Leaks Cause Low Water Pressure

pressureLow water pressure can make it difficult to complete daily tasks like cooking, washing hands, and showering. A leak in the main water line can cause the entire plumbing system to have reduced water pressure. On the other hand, if only one fixture in the home has low water pressure, this can also help to pinpoint where the leak is located. 

Why does a water leak cause low water pressure? When the water leaks out of holes in the pipe before it reaches its final destination, the plumbing has the work twice as hard to create the same water pressure. 

Higher Water Bills 

billsHomeowners may notice that they have higher water bills out of nowhere. It is normal for utility bills to fluctuate slightly, but a sudden spike in water bills could mean a leak in the system. When there is a water leak somewhere in the system, the home could be wasting hundreds of dollars in water. 

Homeowners can save money by fixing water leaks as soon as possible. Wasting water is not only bad for one's wallet; it is also bad for the environment. One should repair leaks as soon as possible before damage can worsen. Homeowners save the most money in the long run by repairing leaks quickly. 

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