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Bathtub Plumbing Made Easy

Just about every homeowner in America shares something in common - they all have multiple bathrooms in their house. Out of those bathrooms, usually, one or two will have a bath. Bathtubs get used day in, day out, all year-round. Depending on how many people are in the house, bathtubs will get used multiple times a day by adults, children, and even pets! But with all the use they receive, how often does anyone stop to think about the inner workings of the plumbing or how important it is that drains be kept clear? Most plumbers will tell you, homeowners rarely, if ever, give their bathtub plumbing a second thought.

Keep on reading to learn about your plumbing system, important details related to bathroom plumbing, and how to keep your bathtub plumbing flowing well.

Your House Plumbing SystemPlumber Working on Pipes

Every faucet, drain, sink, toilet, and tub are all connected somewhere in your house. How is that possible? They are connected through the plumbing system. Each source of water, be it the shower, toilet, washing machine, or kitchen sink, will connect at some point via the piping under your house. All water and waste then drain out through your home’s main sewer line into city plumbing lines. 

It becomes easy to see why it’s so important to keep all pipes free and flowing. If one pipe gets clogged up, every other pipe in your house can be impacted - whether it’s the kitchen or bathtub. Since every pipe connects to the other, backups and blockages can cause significant drainage issues and adversely impact pipes that are supposed to remain sanitary for drinking and washing.

What’s Included in Your Bathroom Plumbing?

All White Bathroom

The plumbing in your bathroom, just like the rest of your house, all connects together. The toilet bowl drains directly down into the main pipe that eliminates water and waste from your house. The sink, shower, and toilet all have fresh, clean water that comes in through clean-water supply pipes. For the toilet, supply pipes fill the tank, and for the sink and shower clean, drinkable water comes through the tap. Wastewater for the toilet, sink and shower all get emptied through main pipes leading away from the bathroom.

When even one part of your bathroom plumbing gets clogged or blocked, all other areas of your bathroom can be effected. The toilet will back up if your main drainage line is blocked for some reason. If this happens, the toilet may overflow, and your drainage line from the sink and shower could backfill with sewage. This is a serious problem and can cause a major health hazard if not taken care of right away.

The Specifics on Your Bathtub Plumbing Man Repairing Bathtub Tiles

Your bathtub has numerous pipes connected to it, both to supply freshwater and take wastewater away. A clean water pipe hooks up to your shower head and faucet to provide water for a shower or a bath. The pipes that leave your tub to carry the greywater away are equally important, and if they crack, break, or are misaligned, you can end up with significant leaks within your home. 

There is a pipe that connects to your drain in the bottom of the tub and a pipe that connects to the overflow spout. Both of these pipes are needed to ensure that water properly drains away from your house into the main drainage line.

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