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Go Green and Save Green by Saving Water

It's Earth Day, and that means that people will be focusing on being environmentally-friendly and looking for ways to be less wasteful. While this attitude may be tedious to some, it can actually result in big savings. This is especially true when it comes to plumbing. 

The EPA estimates that nearly a trillion gallons of water are wasted annually just in water leaks alone. That accounts for billions of dollars wasted, and most of it in residential environments like the average home. By taking steps to reduce water usage, homeowners can lessen the environmental impact of their plumbing and save tons of money on wasted water.

Professional Plumbing Inspection

Routine plumbing inspections are one of the first lines of defense against high water bills around the home. Having a licensed plumber inspect a plumbing system every year can help homeowners keep tabs on the health of their plumbing system and make swift repairs. 

During a plumbing inspection, a plumber will check all of the things that a homeowner will likely forget about or doesn't have the experience necessary to recognize a problem. Some of the things that come with an inspection are:

  • Test for toilet leaks
  • Check washing machine hoses
  • Check under sinks for damage
  • Inspect hot water heater for corrosion


Leak Detection and Repairs To Lower Water Billsleak

One of the areas where everyone could improve their environmental-friendliness is in the realm of leak prevention. With so much water lost per year in small leaks, it makes sense for homeowners to look for leaks. A plumber can quickly find leaks and perform repairs so that homeowners can start saving money on water bills. 

Some of the signs that someone should call for leak detection can include:

  • Moisture on concrete floors
  • Bad odors
  • Mold growth on walls
  • Dripping noises
  • High water bills
  • Insect problems

Quickly detecting and fixing leaks can save money and prevent extra damage that could result from water leaks. 

Updating Water-Wasting Toilets


As the green movement progressed, plumbers quickly realized that one of the areas where society could save water was by reducing the amount of water flushed down the toilet. Toilet manufacturers quickly developed new kinds of toilets that allowed users to use less water to flush liquid waste and generally used less water for all functions. The average home can cut the water that they flush down the toilet in half by updating old toilets to newer low-flow or dual flush models. This not only pays dividends for the environment, it means that a new toilet will pay for itself during its lifetime. 

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