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Don’t Let a Plumbing Emergency Haunt the Home 

Many homeowners believe plumbing problems only happen at certain times of the year. But that’s not true. Issues with the home’s plumbing system can happen anytime–even when homeowners least expect them. 

Here, homeowners can learn everything they need to about preventing certain issues from endangering the home’s function. Most of these measures take less than five minutes to complete, paying off in the long run. Some recommendations include: 

Keeping Drains Clear of Debris 

Only water and drain-friendly substances (like dish soap) should go down the drain. Anything else could lead to serious clogs. Food residue, grease, and oils should never go down the drain. They shouldn’t even be able to build up in the area around the drain. 

Regular drain cleaning comes with many benefits. Namely, it prevents foul odors, mold growth, and blockages from impeding the sink’s regular functions. It also prevents homeowners from attempting DIY measures or making constant appointments with professionals. 

Some cons of neglecting the drain include: 

  • Blockages that impede water flow and drainage
  • Pests (such as drain flies) accumulating around the sink
  • Undue stress on the plumbing system
  • Mold and mildew growth

Cleaning the area around the drain isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a habit homeowners should have every time they wash the dishes or clean the kitchen. Also, homeowners should stray away from using liquid drain cleaners like Drano. Over time, these substances can corrode the plumbing system’s pipes, leading to burst pipes, leaks, and other problems. 

Preventing Clogged Toilets 

toiletsClogged toilets indicate deeper issues within a plumbing system. It generally means that blockages prevent the toilet from draining and then filling up with water. Homeowners can prevent clogged toilets by being mindful of what they flush. Even if a wipe says that it’s “flushable,” one should err on caution and throw the wipe away. 

City officials note that homeowners should only flush waste and toilet paper. They should avoid flushing: 

  • Baby wipes
  • Condoms
  • Menstruation products 
  • Fat, oil, and grease 
  • Cotton swabs and Q-tips 
  • Corrosive chemicals 
  • Paper towels and napkins 

One may think: “Well, I’ve flushed X down the toilet for years, and I’ve never had a problem.” That’s the thing about clogs. They usually build up over time. Each flush counts. So, when homeowners use the toilet, they should be vigilant of any items that could lead to obstructions. 

Follow Through with Water Heater Maintenance 

maintenanceHomeowners should schedule annual visits with plumbing professionals. This way, they can learn about potential problems before they turn into larger issues. During the maintenance visit, a plumber will examine the water heater and check for: 

  • Worn or corroded pipes 
  • Puddles around the water heater’s base 
  • Frayed electrical wires 
  • Mold and mildew growth 
  • Unusual sounds 
  • Fluctuating water temperature 

Cleaning drains, preventing clogged toilets, and scheduling annual maintenance visits can go a long way when combating potential plumbing emergencies. They can also extend certain appliances’ lifespan, preventing how often certain components need replacing.

About Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air 

Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air helps homeowners avoid plumbing emergencies. They do more than offer preventative care measures; they also offer drain cleaning services, maintenance inspections, and other home improvement techniques. One can make an appointment via telephone or online for plumbing services in Fairhope, Alabama.