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Helpful Ways Plumbers Protect Us From Unclean Water

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Plumbers don’t just come to your aid when you are inconvenienced by clogs or leaks. Having solidly constructed, functioning plumbing isn’t just about protecting your home. It’s also about protecting your health.

Water doesn’t just get contaminated at the source; If your plumbing isn’t well attended to, you could be putting your family’s health at risk. Here is how your plumber can help to protect you.

Unclean Water And Health Issues

Stomach Pain SickDid you know that some very nasty diseases come from tainted water? Things like Hepatitis A, E. coli and salmonella are commonly caused by organism present in unclean water.

It is especially risky for young children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. You stand the risk of getting very sick- or in some cases could even die- if your water and water delivery system aren’t safe.

It’s smart to install a water filtration system as an extra safety net for your water.

What Are Your Pipes Made Of?

If your home is older, it’s possible that your pipes may contain lead, as is common in older homes in Fairhope, AL. There is always the danger of dangerous contaminants leaching from the pipes into your water. Water can be tainted at the source, but also can be contaminated as the water is delivered to your home, via the pipes.

If you aren’t sure what your pipes are made of, it is worthwhile to schedule an inspection by a plumber who can help alert you to potential problems. Newer homes tend to have PVC piping, which is not only better for your health; They are less prone to leaks because they don’t rust.

Conserve Water

Water ConservationYou can count on your plumber to come to your aid to help with water conservation and the global water crisis. There is a lot that you can do proactively to make your water conservation actions count.

To start, you should never ignore a plumbing leak. It may not seem like a big deal, but it doesn’t take much water to cause damage, cost you money and be wasteful. As soon as you see pooling water, mold growth or moisture on your pipes, call your plumber for assistance.

Some other ways that you can conserve water at home are to only water your lawn when absolutely necessary. Instead of washing your car, take it to a commercial car wash where they recycle the water. Mulch your garden so that it retains more moisture. Get a rain barrel so that you can cut down on your water use for your lawn and garden.