Sewer Grinder Pumps, Lift Stations, and Sewage Ejector Systems

Fairhope PlumberSewer grinder pumps, lift stations, and sewage ejector systems are an essential part of any sewer system. These components are vital to the proper functioning of your Fairhope home's sewer system, so our professionals are always ready and eager to help you keep them in excellent condition.

All of our Fairhope plumbers are skilled, licensed, and insured employees of our company. We ensure that each of our professionals goes through continual training and follows strict standards that qualify them to take care of any needs you have for your grinder pumps, lift stations, or sewer ejector systems.

Plumbing and Sewer Grinder Pump Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance can greatly extend the life of your grinder pumps, and it can help minimize your plumbing expenses. We offer annual maintenance agreements to cover all of your needs for your Fairhope home's grinder pumps, lift stations, and sewer ejector systems.

These maintenance plans can make your life easier, and they'll also help you save money on more extensive repairs in the future.

Sewage Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are a fairly commonplace sewage treatment component, but many Fairhope homeowners are unaware of them until they encounter problems with them. Often, homeowners are unsure of exactly what part of their system is malfunctioning when a grinder pump has problems, but our professionals will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair these problems.

Grinder pumps are one of the most common forms of sewage pumping systems in the Fairhope area. If you are in need of grinder pump repairs or the installation of a grinder pump as part of your sewer system, please contact Affordable Plumbing, Sewer & Drain. You can always depend on our experienced plumbing experts for excellent service and high quality workmanship.

Lift Stations

Lift stations are facilities designed to move waste-water from lower to higher elevations, especially on parts of the property where the elevation of a water source is not sufficient for flow. Lift station are used to lower the overall cost of the construction of a sewer system. When gravity sewers are installed in trenches deeper than 10 feet, the cost of sewer line installations increases because of the complex excavation and equipment.

If you're installing a sewer system at your Fairhope home, our professionals can work with you to decide whether or not a lift station would benefit your home.

Sewer Ejector Pumps

Sewage ejector pumps are considered high volume and low pressure pumps that are capable of handling submersible solids. They do not have a grinding blades, and instead use spinning impellers that intake the raw sewage through the bottom of the pump and force it under pressure into the discharge pipe.

Ejector pumps are used mainly to move raw sewage from a residence to a septic tank or sewer main. They're designed to pump short distances. Our professionals can help you decide on whether an ejector pump or grinder pump is best for your Fairhope home, and we can handle the installation as well as any maintenance you may need.

If you're looking for sewer grinder pumps, lift stations, or sewer ejector pumps in Fairhope, call Affordable Plumbing, Sewer & Drain at 251.517.4262, or fill out our online request form.